The Experience

Your first chamber experience is an exciting and memorable experience but what should you expect? Before you arrive for your first visit you should keep in mind that no piercings below the neck are allowed and there are certain health conditions that disqualify you listed here. If you can't remove said piercings we will provide athletic tape for you to cover them. Before you enter the chamber you must wear socks, gloves, and booties that are provided at our expense and ensures safe and effective use of our CryoChamber. Once you are ready, our certified instructor will escort you to the chamber, and begin the process. Once inside the chamber, we fill the chamber full of nitrogen gas, reducing the temperature and beginning the Cryotherapy process. Our instructor will be monitoring you the entire process ensuring your safety, and ensuring the machine is running at capacity. Once you have reached the desired temperature your body will endure the extreme cold maximizing the benefits.